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Why You Should Read This Blog…

If you like reading and/or writing you should subscribe to this blog (if you are into ‘rithmetic, you may want to try a different blog). Here are the Top 5 Reasons YOU SHOULD FOLLOW THIS BLOG:

1. 30+ year writing career: The writer of this blog, me, Sandy DeLisle, wrote her first book, STUFF, an autobiography, at the age of eight. Although STUFF received critical acclaim from my parents, the one and only copy mysteriously turned up missing shortly after Sam the sheepdog moved in. More currently, I  love writing for adolescents and have authored several books for them: PURE ENOUGH and BAD GIRL BOOT CAMP to name two. PURE ENOUGH is currently for sale on Amazon and Smashwords and I am shopping the other two with publishers. I can also give you tips on finding an agent, separating from an agent (ouch!), and epublishing.

2. Animal-friendly: I am a defender of underdogs ( the furry kind as well as the starving writers of the world). No animals will ever be harmed in the making of my stories. And, don’t be surprised if a character just happens to be vegetarian. Oftentimes, animals are key characters in my stories as well. There’s a reason for this: Animals are cool (and warm, and cuddly and silly, and fun to watch, and…)

3. Teenager-friendly– I know, you may be wondering what the difference is between this reason and animal-friendly, well, there is a subtle difference. As a former middle school science and language arts teacher, I have never had four-legged animals in my classroom. Seriously, though, I LOVE adolescents! You are so cool and you don’t even know it! You are experiencing thoughts and feelings for the first time ever, growing and developing into an amazing and independent  human being. I remember the journey like it was yesterday and I address issues in my young adult books that are relevant to you, like sex and relationships.

4. Mom-friendly– First and foremost I am a mommy. I have three sons, ages 7, 12 and 15. So, even though I address mature topics in my young adult books, I try to do so in a manner that is real, but not gratuitous. I would hope all the mommies out there would approve of my work and actually read my books with their kids.

5. Highly Recommended– I come highly recommended by my family and friends. Now, don’t poo-poo that; it’s important to be loved and respected by your inner circle.  Besides my loved ones, though, I have made a name for myself in the teaching and animal protection communities. I have presented at major national conferences on the topics of humane and urban education, including the National Service-Learning Conference, the National AfterSchool Conference and the Character Education Partnership Conference. Additionally, I produced an award-winning dog bite prevention video, In the Company of Dogs. And, after you read my books, I hope you will become a fan of mine, too.


5 Responses to "Why You Should Read This Blog…"

Sandy, I am so very delighted to see that you are radiating your gifts out to the world via this blog. So excited to be a recipient and to support you! You go girl!! Love, me

Thanks so much, Syneee!

looking forward to your blog news !

I’m happy to find this. Hooray!

Thanks so much for checking it out, Anne! Hope you are well!

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